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Introducing our        New Boar


Since his first litter is out and running around and looking good I thinks it time for an introduction! Here is Bone Yard! He would be a DropZone x Train Station x 38 Special. This litter was a very late litter last year and was amazing. He is out of the 6th overall Duroc gilt at the Texas Elite Showcase. She was super stout and burly and cost us 6k to get her home. Bone Yard is Stout and burly just like his mother with added mass and extension. We have bred several gilts to him this year and the first litter has just hit the crate. They are what we were hoping for! It’s going to be a great year for RED!

2022 Boars Used


Bred to Tater

image 3.png

Bred to Kemme and Gracie


Bred to Melissa, 24-7,  and Button


Bred to Bailey, 16-6, and 18-2

image 4.png

Bred to Sandy

Bred to Cory


Bred to Danny


Bred to Bertha and 9-5

image 1.png

Bred to Strawberry 


Bred to Blue 19

Screenshot 2022-08-13 at 4.26_edited.jpg
image 2.png

Bred to Mandy


Bred to Trish

Bred to Mandy and Meme

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